How Did it Go?


Congratulations on delivering your Community Games! Now is the time to reflect, and try and learn from your experience – and make it even better next time!

Participant feedback

To help evaluate the experiences of participants, an online Participant Survey has been developed, to be completed by participants after Community Games have taken place. It should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

 The link to the participant questionnaire is as follows:

 The results of the Survey will provide a valuable insight into the impact of your event, including key information about participants - such as age; ethnicity, and their experiences on the day, etc.

 To ensure as many participants complete the Survey as possible, it would be greatly appreciated if you could:

 1)      Collect email addresses

Collect participants’ email addresses on the day – perhaps through the use of cards or ‘Stick It’ notes, and then do a mass email out of the web link to the Participant Survey as soon as possible after the event.

2)      Advertise the Survey web link as widely as possible

A simple way to publicise the web link is to include it in all event material you produce - for example, on the event programme. If you have an announcer at the event, you could also get him/her to remind participants to complete the Survey.

Remember - everyone that completes the Participant Survey will be entered into a Prize Draw to win £100 worth of High Street vouchers, an incentive which should help you to ‘sell’ the benefits of completing the Survey to participants.

This Survey will help to develop the programme for the future, and the results will be published on the Community Games website at the end of the year.

Volunteer feedback

The ability of Community Games events to attract volunteers, including many first time volunteers, into community action has been one of the success stories of the programme. We can learn a great deal from our volunteers about their Community Games experience, which will not only help us improve the programme, but will be useful to volunteering in many other areas.

Therefore, it would be fantastic if you could encourage your volunteers to complete the Volunteer Survey within a month of your Games please. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The link to the Volunteer Survey is as follows:

As with the Participants Survey, everyone that completes the Volunteer Survey will be entered into a Prize Draw to win £100 worth of High Street vouchers.

Your feedback

As the main organiser of the Community Games, your feedback is vital to the future development of the programme. Therefore, it is important that you complete the Games Organiser Survey within a month of your Games.

If you can, have some sort of de-brief with your volunteers, perhaps a few days after the event, when it’s all fresh in everyone’s minds.  This will be a good opportunity for people to say what they thought worked well, and what you could improve on for next time, and could inform your views for when you complete your survey.

The link to the Games Organiser Survey is as follows:

Your answers will be invaluable in helping us identify which aspects of the Community Games programme worked well/need to be improved, and also evaluate the impact of the event on your community. The Survey should only take around 20 minutes of your time.

In common with the other Surveys, everyone that completes the Games Organiser Survey will be entered into a Prize Draw to win £100 worth of High Street vouchers

All the questionnaires can be found in the online Appendix.

If completing hard copies, then please return to your local Community Games Lead Officer.