Licences and Permits

The size and location of your Community Games will determine if any licences or permits will be required. Don’t be put off by this list – you may not require any of them.

 - Council permits

Council permits that may be required depending on the size and scale of your event are listed below. You need to check with your local authority whether you need to have these.

- Temporary structures licence

If you are erecting any large structures, such as marquees, a temporary structures licence may be required.

- Loudspeaker consent

If Public Address (PA) systems will be playing music, it is advisable to check with your council if any form of consent licence is required.

- Event licence

An actual licence for your event may be required. Some local authorities ask that this is applied for when a public event is staged.

- Merchandise licence

If anything is going to be sold to participants and members of the public, this licence may be required.

- Alcohol licence

Licences are only required if alcohol is sold. If you do want to sell alcohol, you will need to contact your council for a Temporary Events Notice form. This form costs £21.

- Food licence

You do not need a licence to sell food. If you are planning on including concession units, then health and safety and hygiene licences will be required.

- Public Collection Licence

If you are planning to have a public collection to raise funds for a charity or other organisation you will need this licence.


If the tombola/raffle tickets are sold on the day of the Community Games and the prizes are not worth more than £500 in total then it will be exempt from gambling regulations However, if tickets are sold in advance of the event, you will need a lottery registration but do speak to your local council first. Any proceeds from the tombola/raffle must go to a good cause such as a charity or towards covering the costs of your event.

- Music licence

It is important that you ascertain if these music licences are required at your venue. If you are intending to play pre-recorded music you need to contact the Performing Rights Society (PRS) at and the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) at  An estimated cost for them should be under £60.00 dependent on the anticipated audience size.

If using an existing facility or venue it would be worthwhile checking with the venue manager what licences they already have as these may be included in the hire of a facility.

Top tips:

Even if you ascertain that council licences are not required, it would be advisable to officially inform the council or local authority anyway.