First Aid

The size of your Community Games may determine whether you need to secure the services of a first aid provider. You need to think about theA Team playing rugby following:

  • How many participants are expected?
  • How many first aiders do I need?
  • What level of cover is required?
  • Will there be any cost?
  • How do I report and record an incident?

Recognisable organisations, such as St. John Ambulance ( and The British Red Cross (, can cover events and will work alongside you to develop a medical plan to establish what level of cover is required. They can advise on the level of cover suitable for your event, taking into account numbers of participants, their level of competence, the event activity, numbers of expected spectators and the size and access throughout your event site.

Some organisations provide cover on a voluntary basis but typically costs start from £100.00 per first aider extending upwards depending on the cover you require.

Any incident that requires medical attention, however small, should be recorded by the attending first aider. Details should include patient name, address, age, nature of incident and resulting action.  It is advisable as the event organiser to ensure you retain copies of any first aid reports provided by your medical team (and file securely) for future reference if required.

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