Three stages to Community Games success…

1. Research what your community wants

This should be the starting point for your Community Games as part of its success will depend on your ability to deliver what your community wants. The following questions are useful to consider:       

Key questions

  • What are your community’s interests? E.g. is there a local sports team that is supported passionately? If so, you could ask them to be involved on the day.
  • What is the age and ethnic make-up of your community? This could influence what activities you include.
  • Can you link your Community Games into another event? E.g. the opening of a new sports facility.
  • How can you ensure that activities are staged for all ages and abilities – including those with disabilities?

2. Develop the ideas and programme that you will deliver

This stage should be used to help design the programme of sports and cultural activities for your Community Games. The event should provide an outlet for your community to pursue their interests, but importantly also give them new things to try and experience.

 Documents that you can produce which may assist you at this stage include:

  • Timeline document
  • Event delivery plan

These documents are explained later in this toolkit.

3. Put the plan into action!

This is where you need to begin the actual organisation and implement the delivery of the Community Games.

Top tips:

Discuss these three stages in your group planning meetings.