Organising Your Event Date

As you will be organising this event for your own community, you need to make sure that the date you pick does not clash with any large events in your area, or even religious holidays that could affect the attendance. There are some big international sports events in 2014, including the Winter Olympics and Paralympics and the Football World Cup. However, the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow from July 23rd to August 3rd is undoubtedly the biggest event in the UK since London 2012.

We have produced a calendar with these and other major events that you might want to consider linking your Community Games with. Click here to download it.

Also make use of regional websites and newspapers to compile a complete list of dates to consider.

Other important things to consider are the amount of time you will need to plan and organise your Community Games, the licences needed and availability of venues.

Top tip:

Once you have agreed on a date for your Community Games, inform all relevant people immediately.