Young girls perfom a dance routine

When we talk about an Opening Ceremony for the Community Games, we’re not thinking London 2012! But even though your budget may be limited you can still get your Games off to a start that everyone will remember.

It could be something like at the Oakamoor & South Moorlands Community Games where local children carried homemade replicas of the Olympic Torch on a short parade.

You could make costumes, hire a band, organise a dance, or get the town Mayor - or another local personality - to commence proceedings followed by the raising of the community’s own flag!

Similarly a closing ceremony is a great way to officially close your Community Games once all the sporting and cultural events have finished. You can celebrate the hard work and enormous achievement of the day, and it’s also a great way to bring everyone together, award any prizes and say your all important ‘thank yous’ at the end of the event.