Lord Coe thanks 'Shining Lights'

The 70 strong volunteers, donning their commemorative white Shining Light jerseys, came together at the Copper Box Arena within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to celebrate day 70 of the Community Games Relay, on Saturday. The Community Games Relay has mirrored the footsteps of the Olympic Torch Relay, visiting communities bringing the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to life. 

Each day of the Relay an individual, who has been driving Olympic legacy in their community, was chosen as a ‘Shining Light’ for the roles they have each played. At the ceremony, Lloyd Conaway who represented the County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN) - who, along with the YMCA, delivers Community Games – told the Shining Lights:

“You have been nominated by your community for your role in bringing people together to create a sense of pride, to inspire and most importantly, to get people more active, fit and healthy.

But perhaps one of the big surprises of Community Games was that communities, as a result of coming together, achieved much greater, long-term change within their community. 

Today you represent the physical torch, you as a Shining Light, helping to light up your community, and today is about acknowledging the role you play in helping to keep the flame alive.  

There are so many special, humble and incredible people in this room and we hope that you have had as much fun taking part in the Community Games and the Relay as we have in getting to know each of you a little better. “

Lord Coe told volunteers he was proud of the work they had done to help bring the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to life in their communities. He thanked them for the roles they had each played and urged them to continue to keep lighting up the nation. The youngest Shining Light, Jamie-Lee Bamford, then presented Lord Coe with the day 70 Shining Light jersey and certificate.

To find out more about the Shining Lights, the work they have done and how each volunteer celebrated their day of the relay please click here.

Lord Coe thanks 'Shining Lights'