Tees Valley Sport

Community Games provide a wonderful and unique opportunity for communities from all backgrounds across the Tees Valley to come together and celebrate the London 2012 Games and enable thousands of people to experience and create their own Olympic or Paralympic moment.

It’s up to you to organise your Games in a way that works for you and celebrates the uniqueness of your community. The Games might take place in a park organised by a park friends group or inside a community centre organised by a residents group. Some communities may focus on contests to give the event a competitive element; others may want to focus on giving people the opportunity to try something new, from archery to volleyball. Whatever the focus of your Community Games, you should provide an opportunity for everyone in your community to participate.

Holding a ceremony is a great way of opening or closing your event and celebrating the hard work that has gone into your Community Games. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase some of the cultural activity that goes on in your community  at the event.

Above all, the Community Games programme aims to capture the core values of the Olympic and Paralympic movements, and these should be reflected in your event.

We hope that you will want to be part of the Tees Valley Community Games programme - we will support you along the way as you organise your event. We have a small pot of funding to help you plan your event and good links to partners who can help you coordinate activities on the day of the Games. We are working closely with Tees Valley YMCA to ensure that we have lots of Community Games events taking place during 2012.

Sign up now for Community Games and bring the excitement of London 2012 to your community. Once you have registered your interest via the link below we will contact you and discuss how we can help you organise your Games


For more information please contact Catherine Woods, Tees Valley Sport, Tel 01642 342287 C.woods@tees.ac.uk