Gorton Community Games

Organised by the Gorton Young Ambassadors, the Gorton Community Games took place at the end of August in Sunnybrow Park, Gorton in Manchester. The event was a family orientated fun day for the whole community and attracted 150 participants.

The old fashioned sports races such as egg and spoon, three-legged race, sack race and many more were great fun and everyone really enjoyed taking part in them.

The cheering audience, mainly parents, kept the competitors’ spirits up. Although medals were handed out at the end, the event was not so much about winning, but rather about having fun while trying something new!

Advertising on the Gorton Facebook page made it possible for the organisers to reach out to the wider community and spread the word amongst the 6,000 members. The Games succeeded in bringing the community together, with the help of local young people who volunteered.

After the Games, the Organisers Mancunian Way and Gorton Young Ambassadors were pleased that the 'Friends of Sunnbrow Park' have agreed to take on the organisation in 2014 and make it an annual event.

Everyone involved is hoping that it will be “even bigger and better!”

Gorton Community Games