Community Games Goes Ping! in Brighton

For the second year running Brighton and Hove has just had the amazingly successful outdoor street festival of Table Tennis, known as Ping!

This year, the aim of the Ping! Brighton and Hove Summer Art Festival was to bring local artists together to work with young people to decorate and paint some of the tables across the city with some modern art.

Events were held at different locations around the city, from the town centre and the seafront to the city’s parks offering a range of events for women and men, children and those with a disability, including both beginners and seasoned players. Tens of thousands of people have played free Table Tennis on more than forty tables across Brighton and Hove.

At the end of August, with funding from Active Sussex and the Community Games, the artist Sinna One, who has worked on projects with young people over the last few years decorating Brighton and Hove and livening up the streets, spent a day working with local youngsters spray painting one of the Ping! tables on Madeira Drive on the seafront. Over 100 people took part and contributed a small part to what is now without a doubt the best looking Ping Pong table in town!

Players were invited to add their own ideas to the table design and also got to spray paint some bats with which they then had a tournament.

Community Games Goes Ping! in Brighton